Stacey Solomon, Martine McCutcheon and Lisa Riley have been confirmed as new Loose Women panellists.

The celebrity trio, who have been making frequent appearances on the daytime talk show in recent months, have impressed TV bosses so much that they have been made permanent additions to the show.

Their appointments come as Sherrie Hewson bows out of the show which she has been part of for 14 years.

She previously shared: “I had a chance to go to Hollywood early in my career but I turned it down and I always wondered whether I’d done the right thing.

“I have a friend who’s a casting director in LA and he sent me an email saying I’d be perfect for work over there now.

“He said they love British actresses who are older as we can still move our faces.

“Acting has always been my passion and I take it really seriously, so I think it’s time for me to go back to that full time.

“I look at people like Betty White from The Golden Girls, still working at 94. She’s still out there, she’s proof we can all do it.

“How exciting is that at my age to think I could still be having a Hollywood adventure?”

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