Rebecca Ferguson has revealed that she turned down duets with Sting and Tracey Chapman.

The former X Factor star has revealed she has been in talks to work with the singers but didn’t pursue them because she wants to spend time with the musicians rather than just ‘forcing’ a collaboration with them.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz about why there were no duets on forthcoming LP ‘Superwoman’, she said: “With the album it was approached to me to get duets and things like that.

“But unless it really feels right, I didn’t want to force it.”

“We were in talks with people like Tracey Chapman and Sting and people like that. But I didn’t overly pursue it because I didn’t want to force something.”

She has however said that she hasn’t ruled out working with both stars in the future, as long as, it was an organic process. She said: “No. I wouldn’t rule it out because they are amazing. But it has to happen naturally. We have to see each other and talk and it feels right, it can’t be forced.”

Rebecca’s releases her new album ‘Superwoman’ on October 14.

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