Coronation  Street star Claire King has revealed that she was “in shock” when she heard about Leah Bracknell’s cancer diagnosis.

The former Emmerdale actress played Leah’s stepmother in the soap and was heartbroken when she learnt Leah has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

She said: “When I heard I was completely floored, I was in shock. Leah is beautiful, radiant, sweet and kind – everyone falls in love with her. To have this happen to someone like her is heartbreaking, horrible.

“She’s vegan and a yoga guru, she’s fit and healthy-living. I can’t believe she’s been one of the unlucky ones. It’s cruel – it shows what a b*****d cancer is.”

The pair may have played characters that hated one another but off-screen it was a different story, with Claire telling the Daily Mirror: “A lot of people thought we didn’t get on because our characters hated each other. But off-screen we clicked instantly.

“We became really good friends and saw each other through whatever life threw at us – she was always the one I would turn to when I had a problem.”

Leah launched a fundraising campaign and successfully raised her target of £50,000 which means she will be able to undergo potentially life-saving treatment at a hospital in Germany.

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