Freddy Parker has revealed that he spent hours in his mentor Nicole Scherzinger’s dressing room after he was given the boot The X Factor last weekend.

The singer was left devastated when he was axed from the show on Sunday but was left feeling better after Nicole gave him some encouragement about his talent.

He explained: “After I was voted off, I went into Nicole’s dressing room after and spoke to her for ages. She has been so supportive about it. She is amazing.”

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Credit: The X Factor

The star is hoping he will still stay in touch with his mentor too after she took his contact details.

Speaking to The Metro Online, he explained: “She got my email address and my number so hopefully we will stay in touch.

“Her best advice for me was to carry on writing loads of music. She was like: “Write, write, write, write! That’s how to do it and get all your stuff out there.”

Freddy left the show after facing Sharon Osbourne’s Saara Aalto in the bottom two.

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