Robbie Williams claims he was “looked down on” when he went to Glastonbury by indie fans.

Back in 1995, just days before he quit Take That, Robbie attended the musical festival and was pictured with Oasis and it did not go down well with festival goers.

The 42 year-old told the Guardian newspaper: “There was a sort of indie fundamentalist mentality that was with us all the way through the 90s that was very apparent to me, where I was literally looked down on when I was in conversation with a lot of people in various drinking establishments. It was like people were scared that it was going to rub off on them; the Butlins redcoat or the Pontins bluecoat thing.”

But the singer does think times have changed and pop stars are a lot more accepted in that circle now.

He said: “We live in a very different world than we used to. I don’t think someone who’d left a pop band would feel the same way now. You know, one of One Direction being seen walking around Glastonbury isn’t the same as me walking around Glastonbury in 1995.

“When I was at Glastonbury it felt like the rest of the festival was like: ‘What the f**k are you doing here, you ****? And I sort of wanted to be OK with the big boys, I wanted to be accepted, there’s a playground mentality that carries on through life and at that time, I wanted to be accepted by the bullies, and that became part of the very fabric of my DNA: ‘Oh, I’ll be accepted by these people eventually, right, here’s my new album. Oh, they’re not accepting me, they’re not coming.'”

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