Remedy have just released their brand new single, Want Some More, and it’s incredible!

The R’n’B group – made up of Leon, Paddy, Lewis and Tommy – may be an unsigned boyband but that has not stopped them from finally getting their new music out there and to be heard.

Want Some More came about when the boys were having a writing session in Chris Bourne’s garden and when one was in the music booth doing their takes the others began to compose the track. The bridge was finally added in Tokyo when Lewis was doing some songwriting in the hotel and Paddy overheard it while on the loo and came out and sang something back to Lewis, which prompted the band to agree that that was what the song needed.

The band have since gone on to perform the track at live events but now they’ve finally shared their recorded version and you can take a listen below.

The track, which carries an urban flavour to it, is the first of many tracks to come from the band. The boys have also teased that they have already recorded their next two singles ‘Better Things’ (ft Ironik) & ‘Come and talk to me’ and we are expecting great things from those tracks too!

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