Stockholm based, rock duo Johnossi have announced they will release their new album ‘Blood Jungle’ on February 17th through Polydor.

The duo, who have won numerous music awards in their own country, are set to take the international music by storm with their latest album.

They may not be as well known internationally but thanks to their new record deal with Universal (via Polydor in the UK) it seems like it might be Johnossi’s time to shine.

Despite already having a supportive fan base it feels like – guitarist and vocalist John Engelbert and drummer Oskar “Ossi” Bonde – are making their second debut with this album.

On Blood Jungle Johnossi have mastered more shades, moods, emotions, colours and flavours than ever before, making a huge statement as they take on the rest of the world with their most expansive record to date.

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