Union J are hoping that their new music will attract a male audience.

The boyband – made up of JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley, Josh Cuthbert and Casey Johnson – are hoping to appeal to both sexes when they release their new music.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, JJ Hamblett said: “We’ve just come off tour, we’ve changed the music a little bit – we’ve gone down the more current (route). We’re known to do ballads but we took a year-and-a-half of to concentrate on what direction we want to go down.

“On the tour we gave fans a little teaser of our new music and they loved it, more of the Justin Bieber R&B sound because we obviously want to appeal to a wider audience this year. Not just the younger kids – we want guys to like us and it’s very difficult to get lads to like a boy band.”

The band are preparing to release their first single with the new line up later this year and have already got a few songs for an album.

The 28-year-old singer added: “Our music went down very well on tour, we gave three songs and we’ve been in the studio and are looking to release our single at the end of the year. Hopefully everyone is going to love the new music.”

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