It has been announced that Dancing With The Stars alum Cheryl Burke is replacing Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms.

Earlier this week Abby revealed that she had quit the show and now Cheryl will coach the elite competition team.

According to Miller, she quit the controversial reality show after being “manipulated, disrespected, and used.”

ALDC dancer Brynn Rumfallo and her mother Ashlee also quit the show after their competition on Sunday.

However, the rest of the cast seem quite ecstatic about this new change and last week Nia Sioux, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker and Camryn Bridges all left the ALDC to form a new team with their old teammate Chloe Lukasiak.

It is expected that Cheryl Burke will be coaching their new elite squad, a move the moms all seemed happy about, they said: “I think she’ll show up… and not complain…and not be on her phone the entire time she’s with our children.”

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