Ulrika Jonsson has reportedly signed up to the next series of Celebrity Masterchef.

The television presenter is the latest star linked to the show, following reports that S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens is also joining.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “This shows Ulrika is ready to restart her career. She was very public in opting to step out of the limelight, now she’s doing something she’s comfortable with — and even has a chance of winning.”

The 49-year-old Swedish beauty jumped at the chance to do the show as she recently said she is a “blood good cook” and a “perfectionist” in the kitchen.

She previously said: “I am a bloody good cook, especially baking, but I’m a perfectionist — I always want to be better.”

Ulrika is certainly no stranger to the format either as she has previously been a guest judge on the show and was a contestant on a one-off special in 2000.

Rachel Stevens will give Ulrika some stiff competition too as she said recently: “I’m learning to cook. It’s not my forté, but I try and balance my portion sizes. I love my carbs, especially in winter. I know it’s boring to say, but running after the kids helps me keep in shape.”

Despite her lack of experience in the kitchen, she isn’t prepared to give up without a fight and is thoroughly looking forward to getting stuck in.

A source said: “Rachel loves cooking and can’t wait to get into the kitchen. She’s a keen amateur chef and won’t be going home without a fight.”

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