Gok Wan admitted to the Loose Women he has masturbated at work.

The popular TV host revealed that he’s done the act during work while speaking in a segment about the benefits ‘master-breaking.’

When panelist Nadia Sawalha asked if people actually did that, Gok confessed: ‘I have.’

The star quickly apologised to his mum which left the panel and audience roaring with laughter.

Gok Wan confesses he masturbates at work: 'It's a stress relief!

‘It’s a great thing, it’s natural,’ he quickly explained. ‘It’s a stress reliever. From a body confidence point of you it’ll get you back in touch with yourself.’

‘That’s why I did it,’ Freddie Flintoff quipped. ‘It’s about body confidence.’

‘Away from all the joking it’s a really natural thing,’ Gok added. ‘If you’re on your break and on your own time…’

But Gok isn’t alone and in fact the idea of a master-break promotes productivity and more smiling from workers, according to a professor at Nottingham University.

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