ABC’s new reality series ‘Boy Band’ has recruited some major stars for it’s show.

Rita Ora has been announced as the host of the new reality talent shows, which will see singers in America competing to join the next music group, while guiding by experts Emma Bunton and Nick Carter.

The former Spice Girl and Backstreet Boys stars will assume the role of “architects” in the 10-episode season and will help narrow down the thousands that apply to 18 spots in three bands.

In order to stay in the competition, the hopefuls must impress the architects, who will shuffle the contestants around each week to find the best combination of voices. Architects will also be responsible for critiquing each band’s performance and will decide which contestants will face eviction each week.

The two hopefuls who find themselves up for eviction must perform solo songs, and the final vote as to who goes home will be made by the public.

Boyband will be ABC’s second reality talent show after it was revealed they recently secured the rights to ‘American Idol’ after Fox dropped the show in April last year.

‘Boy Band’ will premiere on ABC on June 22.

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