Denise Welch thinks being a Loose Women panellist “impacted” her acting.

The actress, who joined the ITV panel show back in 2002 before departing back in 2013, has admitted that she has worked hard to shake off the reality persona in order to pursue her acting career.

The 59-year-old has just landed the role of Mrs Otter in the West End show The Wind In The Willows told new! magazine a straight “no” when asked if she was planning on returning to the panel show.

She added: “I’ve fought hard to remind people that I’m an award-winning actress. Being on daytime TV impacted on my acting.”

But despite not wanting a return to the show, she does keep in contact with the ladies via a whatsapp group.

She said: “We are still very close. I love them so much. We are in touch on a regular basis.”

And she is open to returning to the show as a guest, adding: “We’ve all moved on, so at the moment it’s not something I’d do, but hopefully they’ll ask me to talk about The Wind In The Willows as a guest.”

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