Liam Payne has revealed the inspiration behind his son Bear’s name.

The former One Direction star and his girlfriend Cheryl welcomed Bear Grey Payne in March (17) and it was due to his growling noises that the newborn recieved his name.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday night (06Sep17), host James questioned Liam over the tot’s unusual moniker, and the star explained his logic.

“When he was born, one of the midwives said it, he had this thing where if they don’t have a good cry they get fluid in the lungs which is quite serious,” he said.

“He was going like, ‘Grrr, grrr,’ when he was sleeping. So I had specialists running in and out of hospital all day, my missus was asleep, I had like 10 doctors come into the room.

“And in the end, the guy was just like, ‘I’m not being funny, there’s nothing wrong with him, he just likes to make a lot of noise.’ And that’s carried on ever since, so it just became Bear.”

Liam added that he believes children “live out their name.”

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