Amber Davies has no plans to move in with her boyfriend Kem Cetinay anytime soon.

The Love Island winners’ relationship has been going from strength-to-strength since leaving the villa in August but the brunette beauty has no intention of living with her beau full time.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: “I’m happy living with my friends at the minute because they are my support system and they are amazing. He wants that experience of moving in with his boys as well, he’s only 21 and I’ve done it, he should do it, it changes your life. I live 30 minutes away from him, it would be silly for me to move in with him, I’ve got an amazing house, he’s with his family, I stay there so much anyway, so basically my house is there to keep all of my clothes and everything.”

The 20-year-old beauty has also admitted that they’re not planning to get wed anytime soon although do enjoying winding people up about it.

She explained: “I laugh at them, I went to Liv’s launch and I put my hand in pocket and I didn’t even realise that I did that and then it came out: ‘Is amber trying to hide something?’ And I thought oh my gosh, I’m just going to let them think.

“My mum wants to shut them down, I say don’t worry! I don’t do it or shut anything down, I let people think whatever they want to think.”

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