Mark Wright has been taking elocution lessons to get rid of his Essex accent for his new American hosting job.

The former The Only Way is Essex star landed a presenting job on Extra and has hired a voice coach to “neutralise” his twang to help his co-host Mario Lopez, as well as the audience, understand him.

Speaking to the former Saved By The Bell hunk on the programme, the 30-year-old heartthrob said: “It’s just to neutralise my accent.

“I speak quite regional, so if I was going to invite you to the pub this is how I would usually do it to my friends. I’d say ‘What’s happenin’ bruv? You wanna go down the pub for a pint and a bit of grub?'”

During his first two nights as a presenter on the entertainment show, Mark made a conscious effort to slow down his speech and enunciate every word.

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