Justin Bieber has been defending TV talent show The X Factor.

The singer has come out in support of the musical talent show but warned Simon Cowell to some new talent to match the likes of One Direction and Little Mix.

“These shows have credibility for as long as they keep discovering talent,” the star told Metro Newspaper.

“You aren’t going to find a One Direction every season but I think Simon does need to find a big star this year.”

Bieber, who was discovered after his videos were spotted on YouTube, added he doesn’t approve of the criticism directed at reality pop acts.

“I have never understood the hate towards talent shows,” he continued. “Some of the biggest artists of the last 10 years have been discovered that way.

“If it wasn’t for those shows, we might not know who One Direction, Little Mix, Kelly Clarkson and Fifth Harmony are… and that wouldn’t be good for the industry.”

Although the X Factor has Bieber’s approval, the reality hit show has been declining in ratings compared to its rival Strictly Come Dancing.

According to the ratings, an average audience of 9.3 million tuned in for Strictly, compared to an average of 4.8 million for The X Factor before catch-up services were taken into account.

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