The cast of ITV2’s new reality show Survival Of The Fittest has been revealed.

The show, which has been dubbed as the ‘Winter Love Island’ launches on February 11 on ITV2 and will air nightly.

Set in the sizzling South African savannah, the show will be hosted by Laura Whitmore with Brennan Reece providing the voice over.

The show will see a group of young, hot singles living together under the searing sun as they take part in the ultimate battle of the sexes, in order to win a big cash prize. The viewers will have the power to decide who stays in the competition, who goes home, and which sex ultimately comes out on top.

The two teams will face physical and mental challenges to determine which sex has the upper hand, while romantic dates will test their loyalties to the limit.

Host Laura Whitmore said: “The show pitches boys against girls. The challenges are massive.

“You can expect drama, excitement, rivalry and humour… and hopefully a bit of romance!”

From the makers of Love Island, Survival Of The Fittest is seeing the contestants play for a cash prize, starting on Sunday, February 11 2018 at 9PM on ITV2 and will air nightly.

You can check out the line up here:

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