Strictly Come Dancing star Darcey Bussel denies feud with Shirley Ballas.

It was rumoured that the ballerina was at loggerheads with the new head judge, who replaced Len Goodman in the role last year (17), after viewers spotted her reportedly “ignoring” her new co-star during an episode in December.

However Darcey, 49, denies these claims and says that they in fact have a strong bond over their shared sense of humour.

“Of course I get on with Shirley. She’s hysterical, she’s got a great sense of humour, and I totally respect her amazing amount of knowledge,” she gushed in an interview with The Telegraph. “She’s great to be with.”

The judge also implied it’s always female celebrities that face these rumours, when asked why her male co-stars never appear to face the same reports, she replied: “Funny that.”

Reportedly furrowing her brow, she added: “I don’t know why that is. Maybe we ask for it? I’m not sure. If we were in two suits, I wonder if they would treat us differently.”

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