Jake Shears and his pal Kylie Minogue have a collaboration “up their sleeves”.

The Scissor Sisters star, who has been in the UK promoting his self-titled debut solo record, recently enjoyed catch up with Kylie, 50, at her West London pad, and they could be set to cook up a storm in the studio.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper of his meetings with the ‘Dancing’ hitmaker: “There’s no night out with us. It’s a night in with take-out and just catching up.

“We have our adventures. She and I have a lot to catch up on. There’s so many things!”

He went on to reveal the pair love to dance to each other’s tracks before they are released to the world, saying: “We dance to each other’s tunes before they come out.

“Once something’s out you never talk about it again or listen to it again. But before something comes out you really get excited and play it to each other. You dance in the kitchen. She and I have some stuff up our sleeves.”

Jake went on to claim that there’s a plethora of songs which could be released that they wrote together.

He said: “I love writing with her and always have. I’m really proud of all the songs I’ve written with her and I think someday I’m gonna, like, put together a Scissors-Kylie record.

“There’s a whole album’s worth of music. It’s from over the years. There’s some really cool stuff that no-one has heard. We could definitely put together a fun little album. Someday I’m gonna be shifty and leak it.”

Heaping praise on Kylie, he continued: “She’s a great writer and I love writing with her, she’s great with lyrics. But it’s just like playtime, you know. It feels like play, not work. It’s just a nice time for us to hang out and be creative with each other.”

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