Boyzone no longer have any relationship with Louis Walsh.

Despite Walsh being the one that launched the boy band and even managing Ronan Keating’s solo career, the band no longer speak to him.

Speaking on the Dan Wootton Interview podcast, Ronan said: “I don’t have any relationship with Louis. But I don’t think Boyzone would be here today if it wasn’t for the fight that Louis put up for us when everybody else in Ireland laughed and said there won’t be an Irish boyband.

“We owe Louis that and I will always, always give him that.”

And Ronan – who is in the band with Shane Lynch, Keith Duffy and Mikey Graham – admitted he has been left puzzled by Louis’ two-faced behaviour.

He said: “I don’t really want to get into a slanging match because we’ve done all of that. One day Louis is your best friend and the next he doesn’t know you. You never know what version of Louis you’re going to get. You take it all with a pinch of salt. I wish him the best.”

Shane said that he finds the former X Factor judge “unpredictable”.

He said: “He is a character, he’s unpredictable. He’ll come out with some crazy stuff - totally unpredictable. You can meet him for lunch one day and have four hours of gossip and great fun and the next day he’s in the papers slagging you off.”

The Irish boy band will release their seventh and last LP ‘Thank You & Goodnight’ this November and then will head out on a farewell tour that starts in January 2019. In a touching move, their final album will feature vocals from their late former member Stephen Gately.

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