Dustin Lance Black wants ‘a football team’ of children.

The 44-year-old screenwriter and husband Tom Daley welcomed their first son Robbie into the world via a surrogate in June and he’s already planning to have some more.

Asked on Heat Radio if they’re thinking about more kids, he said: “I’m already on baby number 12! Baby two is already raised and in college in my mind…”

Tom said: “He wants a football team – with a reserve.”

And Lance added: “Or a family band! Like the Brady Bunch.”

However the 24-year-old diver isn’t thinking so far ahead, adding: “Before you become parents, you do think about the future and how many you’d want to have. But now we have a nine-week-old baby, it’s like, ‘Let’s see how it goes with Robbie…’ ”

The couple have also decided against hiring a nanny but Tom has revealed it’s easier for Dustin to fit his schedule around their son.
Tom said: “Luckily Lance is a filmmaker – my office isn’t as portable as his.

“I don’t have a diving pool in the garden, so Lance often has Robbie sitting next to him while he works at home.

“I’m back in training now – I’ll be up at 6am, probably feed Robbie, go train, then come back at 4.30pm and take that shift while Lance carries on working.”

And Lance is glad to have the baby by his side while he’s working.

He told heat radio: “I’m really lucky, I’m mostly just sitting at my laptop and Robbie is great as a writing partner.

“He doesn’t give me any criticism.”

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